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A watch is our constant companion. Mechanical watches, in particular, are tiny machines that deliver quite astonishing performance year in, year out. Like cars, they too require regular, professional servicing. To ensure that your watch remains a source of pleasure for many years to come, we are pleased to pass on a few tips on care and service.

Since 2002, all watches sold in Europe are covered by a two-year guarantee from the date of sale. This comes into effect as soon as an authorized retailer has correctly and fully completed the guarantee. It does not cover normal wear and tear, broken glasses, damage resulting from improper treatment and lack of due care, or damage caused by accidents.

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Your New Watch

Before wearing a mechanical watch, always take care to wind it fully by hand using the crown (for a hand-wound watch, until you feel resistance; for an automatic, about 30 full revolutions of the crown). The date should only be advanced (i.e. never turned back), but not between 10 pm and 2 am.

For automatic watches with additional calendar functions, a watch winder is highly recommended. This way, the watch is wound continuously, even if it is only worn occasionally.

Please remember that the battery in a quartz watch that has stopped running may leak acid, which could cause serious damage to the movement. When a quartz watch stops running, you should therefore remove the battery as soon as possible.



Clean your watch occasionally with a soft cloth or a dry, soft brush. Do not use cleansing products.

Water-resistance is not a permanent feature, because the sealing rings age with everyday use and become less effective. For this reason, it is advisable to have the seals and water-tightness checked every one to two years.

Depending on individual use, a mechanical watch should be completely overhauled and reconditioned every four to six years. By contrast, electronic watches need to be serviced every six to eight years, or at the latest when the battery has only around six months to run.

Inhouse Workshop

At our headquarters in Psychiko, in a fully equipped workshop, a qualified watchmaker is able to repair Girard-Perregaux and Venus watches, the brands we represent.


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